Experienced international law and tax expert.
Focused on new technologies development and their integration into business flow, business development
plans, design and implementation processes to support business growth.

Developing approaches to the market and identifying prospects, external company relations and networking. Future technologies adopter

International strategy and investment development expert. Concerned with the development and
implementation of key strategic initiatives focused on supporting the growth and expansion strategy.

His impressive background in financial and IT spheres will certainly contribute to the strategic and
IT development of the company, whilst his vast international experience will be the bases to start and develop new modern tendencies in Andorra.

International Fiscal and Legal strategies based in Andorra.
More than 30 years of experiences in the legal, fiscal and business fields.
He Graduated on Law at the Navarra University and in parallel he reached the Economic Bachelor degree.

During 12 years he has been The General Secretary of the Andorra Parliament and was a Parliamentarist,
“Conseller General”, for 17 years 1995-2012.

In addition to his international legal expertise, he actively participates at the andorran political environment by
being the Secretary of International Affairs at the Liberal party. Since 2012, Valentí holds his law firm in Andorra, where he advices international clients on fiscal and
mercantile activities.

International Business Strategies
Launching businesses and Improving revenues and operations since 1997.

More than 20 years of experiences in Paris, Mexico, Milan, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Cuba, London, Geneva,
Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña, Lisboa, Athenes, Stockholm, Roma and now in Andorra.

MBA from ESADE with an International Finance specialization at Cornell University Johnson School and a
Bachelor Degree from ITAM Mexico.

Started on the business strategic consulting at Cluster Consulting (now Oliver Whyman) in 1997. Then she
worked during 8 years at Gemini Consulting – CapGemini group, as Director of the Telecom Media Practice
Strategic Business Consulting.

During 1997-2004 the Telecom Industry lived its international and diversification expansion, while 2004-2007
represented the financial crisis of that Industry. Giannina held Senior Officer Positions at top multinationals,
where she had the unique opportunity to led their growth and their resizing.

In 2014 she started working as Chief Officer at Andorra Telecom

Since august 2017, Giannina is Economic Ambassador at CEA (Andorra Business Confederation) in Italy,
Texas and Mexico.